Scottish pop rock band Texas are set to release their ninth studio album “Jump on board” and this new single “Let’s work it out”, comes off the album, which is set to be released next month.
Written and produced by lead singer Sharleen Spiter and band mate Johnny McElhone, in London and Glasgow, and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Florence & The Machine, Noel Gallagher), the new album is the first Texas lp since 2013’s “The Conversation”.
About it, Sharleen said: “When music’s in your DNA, what’s gone in will come back out. ‘Jump On Board’ has references of course, but it’s an up-front, modern-sounding record. We feel refreshed. We definitely had a great time making this record. It’s time to jig it all up. It’s like a new beginning. This is the next part of our story, and we’re loving it”.
The music video for “Let’s work it out” sees Spiteri singing in a car driven by French footballer Thierry Henry. He is a close friend of the Scottish artist.

“Jump on board” tracklist:

1. Let’s Work It Out
2. Can’t Control
3. For Everything
4. It Was Up To You
5. Tell That Girl
6. Sending A Message
7. Great Romances
8. Won’t Let You Down
9. Midnight
10. Round The World