The soundtrack to the end of the summer has arrived thanks to The Knocks.
We’re talking about “River”, a fresh dance-pop collaboration with singer-songwriter Parson James.
And of this new song, the American electronic music duo said: “We started this song back in quarantine lockdown, and the initial idea was sample-based. Kind of this warm, aurally pleasing mellow track. After stepping away from it for a few months, we eventually revisited and became more inspired to shift gears and make it into something brighter and more energetic. We then sent the idea over to Parson, who added even more life into it with his incredible vocal and personal storytelling. ‘River’ is an ode to the end of the summer and the hopefulness for what’s ahead”.
“River” follows the release of “Sound the alarm” featuring Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and Royal & The Serpent.


I’ve been dreaming, of you and a bottle
no one, leaving, till we hit the bottom
fade in, to me again

I’ve been thinkin’, of nights on the river
slowly sinkin’, how I’m gonna miss him
fade in, to me again

Ive been feeling the weight of the water
Drowning deep end have we hit the bottom?
Fade in to me again.
I’ve been thinking of nights on the river
Slowly sinkin’ how I’m gonna miss him
Fade in to me again