Today American punk-rock band The Offspring release “Let the bad times roll”, their first album in almost nine years. It was produced by Bob Rock, who also worked on “Days go by” in 2012 and “Rise and fall, rage and grace” in 2008.
About the new album’s name, frontman Dexter Holland said: “We had a song two albums ago called ‘Stuff is messed up’. We wrote that ​because we thought how terrible things were in the world back then, but it actually got worse. So we had to come up with a new title: ‘Let the bad times roll’. You can apply it to a lot of things. I mean, we’re not a political band. Some people would apply it to the last administration. Some people would apply it to things that are going on today or just how messed up everything is, trying to fix our pandemic and all that kind of stuff”.
“Let the bad times roll” opens strong with the song “This is not utopia”, a track about the fragility situation in America. Opioid addiction and mental health issues are addressed in “The opioid diaries”. Also there is a new version of “Ixnay on the hombre” album track “Gone away”.
In support of the album, South California rockers announced a UK arena tour in November with Swedish rock band The Hives.