After the singles “Girls like” and “Mamacita”, Tinie Tempah shared a brand new track “Bounce” from his third studio album “Youth”, which is set to release on February 3rd, 2017.
“Bounce” is an energetic track, with a constant beat, and it features many name drops within the lyrics, with references to Coldplay and Shift K3Y.
“I wanted to give a nod to all of the genres of music I heard growing up that made me want to be a rapper,” says Tinie about the new album. “The good thing about being from London is that you hear so many different styles of music, and are exposed to so many different things. I wanted to make an album that felt nostalgic with elements of those big British sounds from different genres, whether that was garage, grime, hip-hop or R&B. Youth is the time where you dream without any limitations or fear. And I wanted to share MY story with the world through MY music.”