Tornike Kipiani is a Georgian singer and songwriter. He debuted in 2014 winning the first season of X Factor Georgia, where his mentor was a well known face to us: Tamta.
After the show, the 33 year old released the album “Luck”.
In 2017 he competed to represent his country at Eurovision Song Contest but his song “You are my sunshine” was not chosen. Instead it was Tamara Gachechiladze‘s “Keep the faith” to go through with it.
Kipiani’s entry song “You” was written and composed by himself with the collaboration of Aleko Berdzenishvili.
The accompanying music video features Georgian ballet dancer Mariam Aleksidze.


Sunshine, I wanna touch you
Wind blow, I wanna see you
I wanna touch, I wanna see,
I wanna be, with you

Ocean, I wanna hear you
Mountain, I wanna feel you
I wanna hear, I wanna feel,
I wanna be, with you

You’re everywhere, where I am
You’re in everything, that I do
My love, my love,
I wanna be with you
You uuu aaaaa

My love my love
I wanna be with you