TRISTN is an eclectic pop/rock songstress/music producer hailing from New York.
Influenced by Coldplay, Skylar Grey, Ellie Goulding and Paramore, she broke out last year with the track ““Nothing to say (nothin’)”.
New single is called “Sky wide open”, a radio friendly and super catchy song from her debut album “January”.
Working with a high-powered team of producers, including the late Tom Coyne (Beyonce, Adele, Sam Smith), Ted Jensen (Muse, Green Day, Billy Joel), Christian Wright (Abbey Road Studios UK) and Steve Kupillas (Oak and Ash, Brand New), “January” is a mish-mash of pop tunes, a mix of slower and mid tempo songs with lyrics full of emotion like “Now you know”, “Suddenly” and “Shattered hearts”.
About the single “Sky wide open”, TRISTN said: “I’ve traveled allover the world, and one day, I decided it was time for me to see the magic of the sky in Iceland. I couldn’t fight it. I had to embrace what the world has to offer. It was so beautiful that I had to go back and captur e the essence of this song. I’m glad I did.”
“January” is out September 8, 2017.