Vanessa Forero is a British/Colombian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer.
She began performing in UK when Brit award singer-songwriter Beth Orton chose her to perform with.
Indie-folk style “Same boat” is the new single. The track is taken from the singer’s debut EP “From the uproar”, released this month.
The Ep contains five songs: “Heaven knows”, “Same boat”, “I’ll be wrong again”, “Raven” and “Anhela”.
Forero describes “Same Boat” as a song about those times when you want something but timing has the last say, “same boat different tide.”
The track features playful Latin instruments like the charango, cuatro, Colombian hand drums and even a real marimba to evoke those watery ripples.


Do we fold these cards?
Or roll on again
All you’re looking for babe
Is all you’re looking for

Though we fire up once more
We’re still up against the dark
Oh it’s just the same boat
And you’ll love me just the same

Seven years from now and we’ll know
If there was ever that one road to follow maybe
I’d be there in your arms
Or always in my head

But if you leave in time
You’ll always stay here on my mind
There’s no one easy way to find
We’re in the same boat different tide
Yeah it’s just the same boat different tide

We’ll learn to say, we’re
Good but not good enough
Though we’re in the same boat
The ride won’t be enough