Yesterday, in front of 15,000 Lovatics, Demi Lovato performed live for the first time “Old ways”.
The track, written by Scott Hoffman, Jason Evigan & Olivia Waithe, is the third song on Confident’s track list.
It talks about the emotional and physical issues that the singer addressed in rehab in 2010.

“The first thing I think about is going back to a time when I was engaging in self-destructive behaviors,” she says of “Old ways”.
“But it’s also like, now being at an age where I’ll go out to a club and I’ll look around the room, and there’s a bunch of people drinking, partying … it looks glamorous,” she continues. “In that moment, I may think, ‘You know, it’s been a long time. Maybe I don’t have a problem anymore.’ Or ‘They look like they’re having so much fun.’ I easily remember how dangerous that spiral is, when you’re the type of person that lets it take over your life.”
“When you look forward and you write a new chapter in your book, that’s when the story really begins,” she adds.
Another brilliant performance was her duet with Mexican star Paulina Rubio for “Girls just wanna have fun”, Cyndi Lauper’s iconic hit.