Five Star are a British pop/R&B group, formed in 1983. Comprising siblings Stedman, Lorraine, Denise, Doris and Delroy Pearson, they were known for their flamboyant image, matching costumes and heavily choreographed dance routines.
Between 1985 and 1988, Five Star had four top 20 albums and 15 Top 40 singles in the UK, including the top 10 hits “Can’t wait another minute”, “Find the time” and “Rain or shine”. They won the 1987 Brit Award for Best British Group.

At the height of their success the family bought Stone Court, a large security gated mansion in Surrey, in which they all lived and worked (with a built in recording studio). They also owned a fleet of supercars including Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Their affluent lifestyle was heavily publicised in the press and on television.
In 1990, after several unsuccessful singles, the family declared bankruptcy and they forced to sell their Berkshire mansion after only two years.
Five Star returned to the UK in 2002, as a trio of Stedman, Denise and Lorraine, to perform on various tours.
Five Star performed, with all five original members, at the 2012 Rewind Festivals on 21 July at Scone Palace, Perth, Scotland, and on 18 August at Henley-On-Thames.