Limahl is an English pop singer. He rose to fame as the lead singer of the 1980s pop group Kajagoogoo.
During their career the band had many hits with “Too shy”, “Ooh to be ah” and “Hang on now”.
At the height of their popularity, the band sacked him by telephone. Limahl accused the other bandmembers of being jealous of his prominence as lead singer.

The band themselves stated that Limahl had become something of an egomaniac and increasingly difficult to work with as they didn’t share his vision for the band’s future.
After leaving the band, Limahl launched a solo career, achieving hits with “Only for love” in 1983, and with “The neverEnding story” in 1984.
His debut album, 1984’s “Don’t suppose”, was a commercial failure in the UK, though was better received in Continental Europe with it topping the Norwegian album chart and reaching the Top 10 in Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.
Following this, Limahl released two more albums: 1986’s “Colour all my days” and “Love is blind” in 1992, which were commercial failures in the UK but found moderate success in Italy, Spain and Germany.
Unable to replicate the success of his earlier career, Limahl hit hard times and was later photographed coming out of an unemployment office in the UK.
In late 2003, Limahl reunited with the other members of Kajagoogoo. Only 8 years later the band released a new track, “Death defying headlines”, as a digital single.
Limahl as a solo artist released a new single in 2012 called “1983”.