Odyssey are an American disco/soul group, formed in 1968 by three sisters: Carmen, Lillian and Louise Lopez.
After brilliant performances in bars and little clubs, they caught the eye of a New York agent, who booked them on a five-month tour of Europe. Soon Carmen dropped out and Manila-born male vocalist Tony Reynolds joined to Lillian and Louise.
Between 1977 and 1982, Odyssey scored several hits including the top 5 hits “Native New Yorker”, “Use it up and wear it out”, “Inside out” and “Going back to my roots”, a song originally released by African-American artist Lamont Dozier.
Over the years, the band’s line up changed frequently and in the late autumn of 1982 RCA dropped them due to “Magic touch” single poor sales.
Still quite popular in UK, the group, now led by Lillian’s son Steven Collazo, world-travelled song stylist Jerdene Wilson and recording artist Romina Johnson, continue to tour and record new music.
Odyssey’s latest effort is “Together” EP in 2014.
Just 2 years earlier, original member Lillian died from cancer.
Former members Billy McEachern, Al Jackson, Anne and Annis Peters, have retired or acquired new interests and directions. Tony Reynolds died February 2nd, 2010 while Louise Lopez passed away in 2015.