Lennie Peters and Dianne Lee formed British folk-pop duo Peters & Lee in 1970.
Born in Islington, north London, in 1993, Lennie lost his sight in both eyes at the age of 16 after an accident but the tragedy did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. He had been a pianist/singer in pubs around London during the 1960s.
In those years he released various singles including “My heart cried”, “Let the tears begin” and “Love me love me” until he met Dianne, a Sheffield actress and dancer who was doing a dance act with her cousin Liz.
The pair signed a recording contract with Philips starting a lucky artistic partnership.
Their first single “Welcome home” reached number one in the UK singles chart. Exactly what happened to their subsequent debut album “We can make it”.
Peters & Lee had more three more hits and as many top 10 albums.
In 1980, however, they disbanded to come back again six years later with a new single “Familiar feelings” and two new albums in 1989 and 1992.
That same year, Lennie died of bone cancer at the age of 60.
Since then, Dianne resumed her career as an actress.
She came back to sing following a marriage to glam-rock band Wizzard bassist Rick Price recording the solo album “Chemistry” in 1994. Lee continued to tour with Price as a duo, performing classic hits and new material.