The Stylistics are a soul music vocal group formed in 1968 and were composed of singers Russell Thompkins, Jr., Herb Murrell, Airrion Love, James Smith, and James Dunn.
After working locally for a number of years, the group was approached by Bill Perry who asked if they would be interested in recording.
Their first song “You’re a big girl now” was a success.
Hit veteran producer Tom Bell was contacted and was hired to produce the group’s first album. The album was entitled “The Stylistics” and from that album came “Stop, look, listen to your heart”, “You are everything” and “Betcha by golly wow”. The success of the first album was phenomenal for that time along with an unheard release of six singles in total.
Their next album “Round two” was just memorable but it was their third album “Rockin roll baby” to gave the group it’s first number 1 crossover hit, the breathtaking ballad “You make me feel brand new”.
Thom Bell stopped working with the Stylistics in 1974 and the split proved commercially difficult for the group in the U.S. but not in UK where they reached number one spot with “Can’t give you anything but my love”.
In 1980, James Dunn and James Smith departed due to conflicts over the direction of the group.
Love, Murrell, and Thompkins continued to tour until 2000, when Russell Thompkins, Jr. left the group, due to vocal problems.
He was replaced by Eban Brown with a new group member Van Fields.
The Stylistics teamed with veteran producer Preston Glass in 2009 and recorded the new album “That same way”, which was released in Europe and Asia in late 2009 and in the US in 2011. It was the group’s best album in a quarter century.
The Stylistics continue to tour regularly and actively around the world.