Where are they now? >>> Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee is an American pop, rockabilly and country music singer; one of the most successful artists of the early '60s. Brenda started her music career at ten when she appeared on the popular country music television show "TV Ranch". In 1956, Decca Records offered her a recording contract. After her father's death, the [...]

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Where are they now? >>> Big Fun

Before One Direction, there was Blue. Blue was preceded by Five, who followed Take That. Britain's boy band history is full of great pop stars. But do you remember 80s boybands? Today we talk about a forgotten trio: Big Fun. The Big Fun story starts in the 80s when Seventh Avenue's (a short-lived group) members [...]

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Where are they now? >>> Odyssey

Odyssey are an American disco/soul group, formed in 1968 by three sisters: Carmen, Lillian and Louise Lopez. After brilliant performances in bars and little clubs, they caught the eye of a New York agent, who booked them on a five-month tour of Europe. Soon Carmen dropped out and Manila-born male vocalist Tony Reynolds joined to [...]

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Where are they now? >>> Kè

Remember him? Kevin Grivois, a fashion model turned singer known for his stage name Kè, rose to fame when he released debut single "Strange world" in 1996. The pop rock song became a smash hit in Europe, topping the airplay charts in countries such as Italy, Germany and Spain. A Junior Vasquez remix provided [...]

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Where are they now? >>> Clarence Carter

Clarence Carter is an American r&b-soul singer, musician, songwriter and record producer best known for the hits "Slip away", "Too weak to fight" and "Patches". Blind from birth, Clarence's musical career began in early 60's with classmate/fellow musician Calvin Scott. The duo released a couple of singles until they suffered an auto accident that [...]

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