Wild Cherry was an American funk rock band. Formed in 1970, the group was led by Rob Parissi (singer, guitarist, songwriter).
After several records released under their own label, the band met the success with the monster hit “Play that funky music” in 1976.
Their follow-up recording, 1977’s “Electrified funk” failed to spawn any hits and sunk from sight shortly after its release, as did such further releases as 1978’s “I love my music”, plus 1979’s “Only the Wild Survive”.
Wild Cherry split up the same year.
During the 1980s Parissi played at several venues in the Steubenville/Pittsburgh area.
He now resides in Florida and is currently writing and recording in the Smooth Jazz genre, as well as vocal projects.
His last CD is 2012’s “The Real Deal”.
Drummer Ron Beitle went on to join and perform with several other rock bands following the dissolution of Wild Cherry. He continues to be active in the music industry and currently plays drums for the Nied’s Hotel Band.