35-year-old American singer Jeremy Ragsdale is the winner of X Factor Romania 2017 marking the first foreign act to win the competition.
He conquered the jury and audience with the performances of timeless classics “When a man loves a woman”, “I feel good” and “What a wonderful world”.
Ragsdale, who has been studying music since the age of seven, fell in love with Romania in April, and since then came to visit several times.
First single is “I used to love you”, a beautiful track composed together with Silviu Mindroc.
“The day I met Jeremy will remain in my memory because I was amazed by his talent and because he was the first artist I wrote a piece in less than an hour” said Silviu. “Yes, I’m talking about the song ‘I used to love you’ that we wrote together in a record time because we have an incredible music connection. Jeremy is an inspiration you rarely meet, and I am extremely happy that his first contact with a studio in Romania was the one where I compose and produce the music”.