Zayn is almost ready to unveil the follow-up to 2016’s “Mind of mine” and we cannot wait.
The not yet untitled album will be out in the first quarter of 2018. It will more fun, mainstream and upbeat than his first.
“I feel like my songwriting definitely developed, just because I’ve been doing it so much” Zayn said. “I feel like the songs are a bit more organised, where I felt like, before, that [debut] ‘Mind of Mine’ was a brainstorm. That’s why I called it ‘Mind of mine’, because it was ideas that I had that I put out. This one is more thought out. I had more time to process everything and go through it all. It’s an evolution.”
Timbaland, Rob Cavallo and first album’s main collaborator Malay are among producers involved in the project.
About his collaboration with Timbaland, Zayn added: “He was really fucking cool. I met him, he came down to the studio a couple times, and we did some cool stuff together. The song is really sick. It actually came from a voice note that I had on my phone and I sent it to him. He was like, “OK, let me do something with it.” We sampled the voice note and made a song out of it. He was really cool. He’s hip-hop, man. His drums are always Timbaland drums, so it was definitely in that pocket”.
The unreleased song “Dragonfly”, which failed to make the cut for the album “Mind of mine”, won’t be on the album. Instead, the singles “Still got time” and “Dusk til dawn” will be probably included.
Also there’s a new song registered. It’s called “Hurt” and was written by Ali Tamposi (DJ Snake’s “Let me love you”), Andrew Watt (Camila Cabello’s “Havana”), Matthews James Burns (Louis Tomlinson’s “Just like you”) and Chloe Angelides (Jessie J’s “Burnin’ up”).